Life Coaching


What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, and deal with challenges.  But coaching is more than that to people who have experienced it.  For many, it's a life changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills.  It helps people tap into their unknown potential, unlock sources of their creativity and productiveness.  


How is Life Coaching Different than Counseling?

Many people who meet with a professional for what is normally called “personal counseling” are expecting something different than what they get. Sometimes they are looking for quick solutions to life problems. That doesn’t happen. Sometimes they are hoping the counselor can direct them in such a way that they see the future more clearly. That doesn’t happen very often. But to be fair, that is not the main role of the counselor. In fact, while the best counselors invest many years taking courses and developing the skill to help people, their expertise is in helping people sort out, understand and clean up the past as much as possible. It shocks many to find out that they take very little training in helping people find a better path for the future.

Life Coaching is very different. It is much more future oriented. The role of the Life Coach is to help you identify and lead the life you need to lead in the future. Life Coaches help people crash through barriers and in a measure give them the tools to start their life again. In contrast, some people invest $30,000-$100,000 to go back to school to learn a new career. And for many it is worth it. But for just as many they find that once they get done, their new education didn’t give them what they wanted. They simply didn’t know that working with a Life Coach could have saved them all that money, time and grief.

When people are not sure they are ready to do the work and make the decisions related to their future because they are much burdened about their past and present, some counseling is in order. If you need to deal with the past, you may need some professional counseling before you move too deeply into the coaching process. Some professional counselors also do coaching. And many coaches have a background in counseling.

The following chart will help you understand the distinction between Life Coaching and Personal Counseling. 

Coaching Counseling
Focused on the present and the future Focused on the past and the present
For people who need better direction For people who need healing first
Uncovers potential and plans Uncovers weaknesses and difficulties
Creates challenges Creates comfort
Creates self-awareness for life productivity Creates self-awareness for clarification
Teaches relationship building Teaches relationship repair
Usually conducted over the phone Usually conducted in person
The coach stimulates the pace The counselor allows the client full pace control
The coach typically has broad experience related to all life dimensions The counselor has focused formal education on personal and relational life dimensions


I can schedule Life Coaching sessions in ways that work best for you:

  • phone consulting sessions
  • consulting sessions via skype
  • face to face sessions in my office

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